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Container Cargo Securing

Every year, 20 million containers make over 200 trips delivering goods worldwide via rail, road and sea. Cordstrap has introduced two new solutions to secure containerized cargo in transit.

In an industry which has a zero tolerance when it comes to incidents, CornerLash and AnchorLash set a new standard in safety for the workers, cargo and the environment. Both solutions comply with local and global rules and regulations. With an application time of a few minutes, both solutions are very cost effective as well. Plug and play components ensure consistency in use over time and location.

Cordstrap CornerLash

Container securing up to 30 tons

CornerLash is an innovative solution that secures heavy loads of up to 30 tons in containers, within a matter of minutes. This is achieved by using the strongest part of the container – the corner post.

Whether securing drums, IBC’s, carton boxes or bags in 20ft. or 40 ft. containers, CornerLash ensures cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Cordstrap CornerLash

Cordstrap AnchorLash

Container securing up to 11 tons 

AnchorLash has been specifically designed to secure light loads of up to 11 tons in containers within a few minutes, using the existing lashing points.

Whether securing carton boxes or other soft packaging such as cans or 25 kg. / 50 lb. bags in 20ft. or 40 ft. containers, AnchorLash ensures cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Cordstrap AnchorLash

Cordstrap D-Connect Dunnage Bags

D-Connect dunnage bags are specially designed to secure and stabilize loads of up to 23 tons in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships. The D-Connect bag is the most reliable in the market and enables cargo to be secured in an easy and consistent way.

Cordstrap D-Connect dunnage bags protect your cargo, your people and your brand.

Cordstrap D-Connect Dunnage Bags

The right solution for every containerized load

As cargo securing experts, we know that every cargo securing job has its specific challenges. However, based on four questions, we are able to support you with a preliminary advice on what container cargo securing solution would fit your cargo best. 

Container loading plan advice

Fast and easy to apply

Compared to wood bracing or the use of adhesive systems, Cordstrap container lashing solutions which are faster and easier to apply. Cleverly designed packaging with plug and play components ensure a container can be secured in a matter of minutes.

All components are ready to use without the need for any dangerous or complicated machinery. The time saved allows companies to work more efficiently – and therefore cost effectively.


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Lashing of a container filled with drums with CornerLash tensioned using a pneumatic tensioner.

Optimal Security

To increase the protection of the cargo, Cordstrap offers a range of specially designed components such as corner elements for IBC’s and edge boards for securing soft packaging like carton boxes.

Safety for workers, the cargo and its surroundings is a top priority when shipping in a container and must be guaranteed at all times. To ensure this, CornerLash and AnchorLash uses pre-cut lashing. This makes the use of knives or other sharp and dangerous tools unnecessary. 

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CornerLash and AnchorLash solutions are both built up using easy to apply components that can vary depending on load type. These components are delivered for your convenience in specially designed packages for easy access.

To ensure consistency in the way the solutions are applied, Cordstrap provide an easy to follow manual, instruction video and extensive training on site training. 

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Compliant cargo securing solutions

Every transport method and region has its own rules and regulations. When shipping a container from its point of origin to its destination, it will fall under different rules and regulations while in transit. For containerized goods, Cordstrap container lashing solutions comply with the CTU-Code, IMDG and AAR guidelines, which are key to ensuring safe transport.

A team of Cordstrap experts is ready to help packers and shippers with all necessary knowledge and skills to safely secure cargo in a container, ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations – locally and globally.

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