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Organisation Profile MariTerm AB

MariTerm AB is a knowledge based consultancy company which specialises in the field of safe, rational and efficient transports.

The company was founded in 1978 and is owned by its senior consultants. Our main mean of providing a qualitative service to our customers is a high degree of competence and specialisation within our fields of expertise.
Proper securing of cargo is not only a matter of safety for the public and the persons involved in the transport, but also a necessary mean for ensuring efficient and precise delivery of undamaged goods to the costumers. There is however a practical limit to what measures that can be taken to prevent the cargo from shifting, and the aim is therefore to find safe yet rational cargo securing arrangements. Thus, MariTerm AB offers technical calculations and practical tests to find optimal cargo securing solutions and provides instructions and certificates for these arrangements.

To maintain a high level of efficiency of the transports, continuous research and development activities must be carried out. Thus, MariTerm AB conducts advanced research projects together with regulators, universities, branch organisations and industries.

Based on the knowledge built up through participation in research and development projects and practical tests performed for industries and transport companies, MariTerm has built up a comprehensive training operation within the transport area.  

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