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Cordstrap Cordlash

Cordstrap lashing, known as Cordlash, is the most effective way to secure cargo for international shipping wherever it may be, on any transport unit – containers, flat racks, railcars or ships. Cordstrap’s polyester one-way lashings have many advantages over conventional securing products such as steel straps, chains or wood blocking and bracing. Cordlash eliminates incidents and damage to your cargo.

Strong, reliable and safe, Cordlash complies fully with the latest rules and regulations. Ensuring that your responsibilities as a shipper are met and that your cargo passes through controls in the logistics chain quickly and without any hold up. Arriving at its destination safely and in perfect condition.

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Cordlash Woven Lashing

Cordlash polyester lashing solutions have many advantages over conventional lashing products. They are safe, cost and time-effective and easy to apply – and eliminate cargo damage.

  • Easy, fast and safe to apply

  • Protective

  • Shock absorbent

  • High retained tension

  • Light weight

  • Certified and approved by Germanischer Lloyd, AAR and IMO

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Optimal Security

Made of high tenacity polyester yarn to ensure maximum strength, Cordlash has many advantages over conventional products. It ensures that your cargo arrives at its destination in the same condition as when dispatched.



Cordstrap’s woven lashing solutions are non-abrasive and safe for both operator and cargo. Optimized lashing and buckle combinations maintain securing function for dynamic and static loads during the most severe transport conditions.

Fully Certified

The quality and performance of our lashing is undisputed as it complies with the latest national and global regulations. It is GL certified, AAR approved and CTU Code compliant.


Expert Support

Cordstrap Lashing is fully supported by training and implementation from local cargo securing experts enabling efficiency, standardization and consistency in how your cargo is secured.

Whether shipping rail wagons on MAFI trailers, steel coils in the hold of a ship, or industrial windmills on deck, Cordstrap cargo protection experts have the skill and technical knowledge to engineer out risk and ensure the safest, most effective, and compliant solution to transporting heavy goods.

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Dynamic Cargo Securing

Dynamic shipping challenges are unique because cargo can be intrinsically dynamic and even static cargo can behave dynamically when exposed to outside forces. That is why Cordstrap’s Dynamic Cargo Securing solution utilizes our patented grooved Dynablock buckle and our industry leading Cordlash product, to create a single flexible solution that is superior to steel based securing products such as cable and chain as well as polyester ratchet systems.

So whether it’s intrinsically dynamic cargo, or static cargo that behaves dynamically, the Cordstrap Dynamic Cargo Securing solution provides unparalleled safety and security in one innovative and efficient system.

Dynamic Cargo Securing

Fully Certified

CTU Code Compliant

The global code of practice for handling and packing shipping containers.

AAR Verified

Cordstrap partners with The Association of American Railroads when developing and testing cargo securing solutions for usage in railcars in the US.

Germanischer Lloyd certified

Germanischer Lloyd is the world’s leading classification society.

Compliance, Approval & Certification

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Lashing Product Range

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