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Cordstrap CornerLash

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A revolution in cargo securing

Specifically designed for heavy loads in containers, CornerLash is a breakthrough innovation in cargo securing. The most time and cost efficient solution on the market, CornerLash enables heavy cargo (up to 30 tons) to be secured in an easy and consistent way.

Suitable for many types of heavy loads, from drums, IBCs, 25 kg / 50 lb bags and other soft packaging - in both 20 ft and 40 ft containers - the CornerLash solution ensures cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible. ‘Plug and Play’ components - including load specific add-ons such as engineered protectors for IBC’s and EdgeBoards specially designed for soft packaging - ensure enhanced safety and speed.

Container filled with drums, secured using Cordstrap CornerLash. Container lashing using the corner posts.

Tailored to the needs of the chemical industry

Cordstrap’s cargo securing experts understand the need to keep control of total cost of ownership, to ensure that time and cost efficiency are maximized during securing whether transporting by rail, road or ocean - and CornerLash has been specifically tailored to the needs of the chemical industry.

This new solution makes the shipping of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals in drums and IBC’s in containers easy, providing higher efficiency at lower overall cost. Less complicated and time-consuming than existing solutions, CornerLash is AAR verified (hazardous materials approval pending) and fully CTU code compliant. 

No use of container lashing points

Traditionally, container lashing points in containers are used to secure cargo. However, these are not always strong enough to secure heavy cargo.

CornerLash is the only solution in the market that uses the strongest point of the container – the corner posts – to achieve optimum security. 

Corner element of Cornerlash container lashing solution using the corner post to safely secure cargo.

Operator efficiency

CornerLash is up to three times faster to apply than existing adhesive-based solutions - and the use of ‘plug and play’ components means that no excessive preparation is required. 

Delivered in a box pallet containing all the elements necessary to properly secure 70 containers, CornerLash components are stacked in a way that makes selection easy, saving time and storage place in the working environment. 

To secure one 20”container with up to 80 drums or 18 IBC’s, the following elements are required:

  • 4 Corner Elements
  • 4 Buckles
  • 4 Lashes
Container lashing of 80 drums using CornerLash requires 4 corner elements, 4 buckles and 4 lashings.

Ease of inspection

When a container is opened for inspection, it can be difficult to see how cargo is secured. To make this simple, a label is provided with CornerLash to attach
to the cargo, which gives all necessary information. 

Cordstrap CornerLash label to provide information when a container is being inspected.

How to use CornerLash

This video shows CornerLash being used to secure IBC's in a container. 

Required tension for CornerLash

AAR regulations require an applied tension of 3000 daN/6600lbf, with a pneumatic tensioner used to put enough tension on the lashings. For a non-AAR CornerLash solution, a manual tensioner can be used.

Cordstrap Tensioners
Lashing of a container filled with drums with CornerLash tensioned using a pneumatic tensioner.
CornerLash can ensure secure, safe shipping for the chemical industry. And Cordstrap understands the need to minimize the cost of ownership and maximize time and cost efficiency.

AAR verified and CTU code compliant

Cargo can be transported via a number of alternatives, including ships and railcars. Different rules and regulations apply when it comes to cargo security in various global markets.

The Cordstrap Cornerlash solution is internationally verified by the American Railroad Association, witness tested by Germanischer Lloyd and is fully CTU code compliant.

The right solution for every containerized load

As cargo securing experts, we know that every cargo securing job has its specific challenges. However, based on four questions, we are able to support you with a preliminary advice on what container cargo securing solution would fit your cargo best. 

Container loading plan advice

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